New legislation for real estate businesses

 Anti-Money Laundering

From 1 January 2019, real estate businesses will be subject to New Zealand’s anti-money laundering regime contained in the Anti-Money Laundering and Countering Financing of Terrorism Act 2009 (the Act).

Under the Act we will need to obtain and verify information from new and existing clients and the people connected with them for the purposes of engaging with us. We may also need to collect this information about other people we occasionally do business with. We have not needed to collect much of this information previously.

When you engage with us we will ask you for:

  • your full name; and

  • your date of birth; and

  • your address.

To confirm these details, documents such as your passport or driver’s licence, and documents that show your address (like a current bank statement or utility bill) will be needed. If you are seeing us about company or trust business, we will need information about the company or trust (including the people associated with it such as directors and shareholders, trustees and beneficiaries). We may also need to ask you for further information.

For further information on New Zealand’s anti-money laundering, including useful documents, please connect to this website.